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ChairpersonMr. Nkonzo Hlatshwayo welcomes you to the Swaziland Competition Commission. SCC was established in 2007 to foster competition within Swaziland's economy by controlling anti-competitive trade practices, mergers and acquisitions, protecting consumer welfare and providing for an institutional mechanism for implementing these objectives. The commission monitors, regulates, controls and prevents acts or behaviors which are likely to adversely affect the climate for competition within the country.

Our functions include investigations associated with the conduct of business and mergers, the provision of information for the guidance of consumers regarding their rights, the publication of reports and studies regarding the operation of the Act, advising the Minister on matters relating to the Commission, and cooperating with regional and international bodies engaged in the enforcement of competition law and the promotion of a competition culture.

The Competition Act No. 8, of 2007 outlines in detail the complete charter for the Commission.
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Acting CEO Ms. Thabisile Langa is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Swaziland Competition Commission. Previously she was a member of the Commission’s Board of Commissioners. Ms. Langa has a background in Legislative Drafting and International Legal Studies. Prior to joining the SCC, she worked in the Litigation Department of the Swaziland Attorney General’s Office, and later in the Drafting Department as Senior Parliamentary Draftsperson responsible for subsidiary and primary legislation. Ms. Langa holds B.Soc. and L.L.B. degrees from the University of Cape Town, a Masters in Legislative Drafting from the University of the West Indies (Cave Hill Campus) and an L.L.M(International Legal Studies)from the Georgetown University Law Center. She also has a Post Graduate Diploma in European Competition Law from the Kings College in London.

Mission Statement

The Swaziland Competition Commission (SCC) is a statutory body charged with the administration and enforcement of the Swaziland Competition Act of 2007. The mission of the SCC is to strengthen the nation’s economy by promoting and securing robust economic competition and consumer protection. Through our enforcement of competition and consumer protection policies we seek to ensure better product quality, lower prices, and overall, the enhanced welfare of Swaziland Citizens

Foreign Investors

Swaziland is truly a land of opportunity for investors looking to expand their operations abroad. We consider our country an emerging economy with significant opportunities in agriculture and textiles. There are also considerable prospects in other industries.

Business Support

We provide support services for local and regional business owners seeking assistance in establishing or expanding their firms.

Industry & Workforce

We are focused on economic development sustained by healthy competition in industry. We want to see our citizens enabled with the skill set for today’s jobs and we want businesses to hire and continue to develop quality workers.

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